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Previous Entry going to the sand box Dec. 24th, 2005 @ 10:10 pm Next Entry
hello all. well i finished my school and now im a fleet marine and its way diffrent. im actualy being treated as a person insteed as a number. well my unit is 3/2 and i leave for iraq in july. yah wow is right. im nervious as can be i dont know what could happen to me over there but i will stay strong and hopfully come back alive. i leave for desert training (CATS) in april till late june i come home for a week or so then im off. i dont know what brittney and i are going to do, i dont meen split up but you know the next step. were going to talk about it when i get home but i know what ever we choose will be the right decision for us. shes my world and im not going to let a war come between us. wish me luck.

- Jude
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