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Previous Entry feeling blue? Nov. 27th, 2005 @ 09:47 am Next Entry
well im pretty sure these past 2 days have been the sadest i have ever felt. well as you all know brittney came in wendsday and she was the most beutiful thing i have ever seen. i meen it was like she was glowing, i cant explain it. well after 3 days of pure heaven she left (saterday mornning). i dont know what to say i feel so cold and empty with out her. i remember when she was here i would go out side to do something and i just couldent wait to get back in side to see here. it was the greatest feeling i have ever felt. well shes gone now and the bad thing is i dont know when im going to see her next. not for christmas because im going down to texas to see my mom mabey after newyears who knows with her schudle with school who knows she says she cares so much about me that it terrifies her. its just she has such high goals with school and all. i feel as if im a burden on her like im slowing her down to acomplishing her goals. im just going to sit on the sidelines till she finishes school. all she has to do is tell me she loves me and i can live off of that.

my heart feels: sadsad
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